Thursday, April 14, 2005

Potty Tales

We've been doing so well on the potty front. Guess I was getting a little cavalier about it... Today, after screeching at the track hoe, we went, as you know, to the park. I knew I was taking a chance to take Darcy there sans diaper, but he'd been doing so well. We made it as far as the coffee shop where I stop to get my large decaf latte and meet my fellow-caregiver friend (decaf lactose-free cappucino with cinnamon on top). Darcy was sitting on the pavement in the sun, waiting her arrival, when I noticed he was sitting in a puddle that hadn't been there a moment before. *sigh* For the next story, I need to describe the potty. It looks like a tiny toilet without the tank. A child sits on the seat, and when finished, the bowl is slid out from under the seat, emptied, cleaned, and snapped back in place. At all stages of this process, it continues to look like a teeny toilet. Okay. Home again, after a terrific three hours at the park. Darcy uses the potty before naptime. I scamper upstairs with the bowl. (My exercise routine these days? Fifteen stairs, twenty-seven times a day - by the end of this I'll have amazing thighs, I swear...) I return to the living room, pot in hand, and George is USING the unpotted potty!! Pee is running all over the living room floor. *sigh* And finally, Thomas sits on the now reconstructed potty to take his turn. He's in a bit of a hurry, though, and doesn't get his pants down far enough, and sits too far forward. The result of the poor positioning is that the pee runs across the rim of the potty, instead of into the bowl, and because his pants aren't down far enough, they get wet, too. I react in a little alarm: "Yeek! Push it down, Thomas! Push it down!" He complies, immediately and vigourously, and somehow, don't ask me how, the effect is the same as putting a thumb over a water fountain: a huge and glimmering arc jets across the room! Urine speckles dot the floor, a line of wet runs down my shirt and the left left of my jeans, and poor Georgie, standing just behind me, is similarly annointed. "Hey! Thomas peed on me!" *Sigh*


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I think I just peed a little.

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