Monday, April 18, 2005

A Quick Trip

What a glorious day it is out there! Seventeen degrees, and an entirely cloud-free sky. A few vapour trails. It's a park day, must be a park day. No point in languishing indoors, nor even the library. Quick! Let's go out. After we: pack a snack; change a diaper; oops, make that two; send a big boy to the potty; gather the sand toys, unused since last fall; take off four pairs of slippers; put on four pairs of shoes; four jackets; four sunhats; and one pair of sunglasses (George's); send another big boy to the potty; fill four water bottles, plus my big one; gather my cell phone, sunglasses, purse; throw in a bottle of sunscreen, just in case; wipe a nose; send the first big boy to the potty, again; answer a phone call; get the stroller out from the back yard; pack the spare diapers and wipes; pack one pair of dry pants, just in case; answer the call of nature (mine this time); put diapers, toys, snack, etc into the bucket on the stroller; put four children in the stroller (yes, it seats four); snap up four safety harnesses (three snaps each); release the brake; and, forty minutes later, awaaaaay we go!!


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