Monday, May 23, 2005

Blessed Solitude

Holiday Monday. I am a happy woman. My kids are with their dad, my daycare tots are with their parents, and my husband has just departed to return his children to their mother. Phew! It's a lovely, lovely day. Grey skies, light drizzle for the past 48 hours, a mere 9 degrees. (Which is...multiply by 9 over 5...ah...add 32...52 degrees farenheit? Oh, nuts to that... That small percentage of the world which doesn't understand celcius can do their own conversions from here on in!) As I was saying before I interrupted myself: grey skies, endless drizzle, and chilly, makes for a lovely, lovely day, because I AM ON MY OWN!!!! Off I go now to read a book. And I will lounge on the couch, taking up All The Seats, because I don't have to share -- for at least two hours! Happy, happy me.