Monday, May 16, 2005


Zach holds out his bread and butter to Alice. Alice reaches for it. Awww, he's sharing! Seems straightforward doesn't it? Maybe, maybe not. I've seen this too many times not to offer Zach the observation: "Do you want Alice to eat that bread? Because it you hold it out to her like that, she will eat it." All this said in a positive, cheery tone of voice. Sharing is good, and I'm all for it. Perhaps he does want to share it with her. Or perhaps not. Zach looks up at me, looks at the bread, and then at Alice, quickly withdraws his hand and stuffs the slice into his mouth. It's the not-quite-twos who do this most frequently. I suspect they are simply happy to have whatever it is, and only want to show it off a bit. "Look what I've got!" So they show it, and then are absolutely horrified to see their treat vanish into the voracious maw of their friend. Hey!!! The adult equivalent would be to bring your neighbour in to see the new painting you bought and hung over the fireplace, and have them take it off the wall and walk out the door. What the hell??


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