Monday, June 06, 2005

Does She or Doesn't She?

You know how, on a starry night, you sometimes see stars in your peripheral vision that vanish when you look at them directly? Listening to Mia can be a similar experience. If you're paying direct attention to her, it's just babble, but if you're only paying partial attention, you hear a complete sentence! Really. I'm beginning to wonder if Mia is saying a whole lot more than I'd realized, if some of that vigourous and enthusiastic babble is in fact English, words and even phrases, just at lightning speed. This morning, as I spoke to dad, I'd swear I heard her say "Mia comed in daddy car." When I repeated that back to her "You came in daddy's car?" she squealed and grinned. My daughter Emma, who had been talking to Mia (i.e. paying direct attention) asked me later: "Do you really think she said that, Mom?" I heard a sentence, she heard babble. So who's right? This has happened to me often enough that I'm Just. Not. Sure...


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