Monday, July 04, 2005

Party Plans and Tactful Tots

I'm having a potluck for the daycare folks tonight. Devious me, I posted the announcement of it ten days ago in my for-the-families blog. My suspicions were thereby confirmed: of seven families, only four are actually reading it. I shake my head in wonderment: who wouldn't want to read cute and funny anecdotes about their kids, every day? It was Canada Day on Friday, hence a long weekend, and much of it was spent doing necessary housework, in preparation for the potluck. After a few days of nice temperatures, it's supposed to get up to 31 degrees this afternoon! In my non-air- conditioned home, I think the party will break up early... This is fine. Heat makes me tired. This week, young Liam joins us. Liam is five-almost-six, a former (and favoured) client. During the summers when he is not in school, he comes to me the alternate weeks that he spends with his dad, who lives in my neighbourhood. This morning he decided to impress me with his counting prowess. "Nineteen, twenty, twenty-one". Breaks off and looks at me. "I can count to twenty-one. Twenty-one is a lot. Are you twenty-one?" "In fact, Liam, twenty-one is pretty young. And I'm a lot more than twenty-one." "So you're old?" (Such is the tact of the five year old.) He's then distracted by a picture on the fridge, a small magnet depicting a much younger me, with Haley (now 19) as a baby on my knee. "Hey! That's you!" I'm impressed he recognized me. A fellow I dated a few years back saw it and said "Who is that? She looks familiar..." "Yes, Liam, it is me. And you know what? I was close to twenty-one in that picture." "Yeah, and it looks just like you now!" Who needs tact when you have such brilliant perception and wide-eyed sincerity?? Yes, I do love this boy!


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