Thursday, July 07, 2005


Excremental humour is big in this set. Harry announces the following in sing-song, apropos of absolutely nothing: "I'm not going to do a fart!" Gales of laughter all round. (And the point would be?)

Kyle asks Liam: "Liam, can you count to 100?" Apparently he can't, because he cleverly deflects it. "Harry, can you count to 100?" Harry, having less ego, and being interested in the answer, replies easily. "No, I can't. Kyle, can you?" Kyle, relieved that someone has finally given him his opening. "Yes, I can! One, two, skip-a-three, 99, 100!" (Nobody tell him it's "skip-a-few", okay? I like his better.)
Liam: Harry, can you count to poo-poo? BWAH-hahahahahahahahaha... (woo-hoo)


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