Friday, July 08, 2005

Things To Do Before You're Ten

I found this great idea over at Aginoth's blog, which I think warrants consideration. As he says, adults come up with lists of "Things to do before I die", but this one is every bit as important, and, I think, arguably more fun, and way easier to accomplish! I was pleased to note that I'd done every one of the items on that list. Thanks, mum, gran, and grandad, for my enriched childhood! Which largely comprised of lots of supportive, benign neglect, while I went out and mucked about, sometimes on my own, sometimes with a hoard of other children. I am also pleased to note that the list does NOT include "enrichment activities" like lessons, classes, contests, awards, and competitions. Nothing scheduled at all, in fact. Not even a whole heck of a lot of parental involvement required - unless, of course, the parents want to relive a slice of their childhood! Perhaps there's a lesson to be learned here? What would YOUR list include?


Blogger Candace said...

Let's see...Christopher has done 17 of them, Sophie has done 11. Not bad, but I need to get on the ball with The Boy; only 2 years till he's 10!

On my list would be:

lie on your back in the grass and find cloud shapes

make a lemonade stand

scrape your knees learning to skate

take long walks in the forest with your parents

teach yourself to swim (because it's more rewarding than taking lessons, and everyone moves at his/her own pace anyway)

7/08/2005 09:37:00 a.m.  
Blogger Mary P. said...

Oooh. Cloud watching! I think I'll do some of that this weekend. I need to do some of that with the kids!

My neighbour's kids are here every other weekend, and every time, they set up a lemonade stand. Last weekend, though, another bunch of kids had usurped their turf, and so, little entrepreneurs that they are, the original bunch set up an Art Stand. Yup. Original artwork, yours for only 25 cents. (Canadian! What a deal!)

7/08/2005 02:41:00 p.m.  
Blogger Matthew said...

Wow, what a great reminder of what being a child is all about.

I would include:

Build a fort out of blankets in the living room

Watch an animal being born (kittens, puppies, horses, etc.)

Take care of your first pet (mine was a goldfish)

Drive (and perhaps crash) the family car (I can't be the only one who did that, right?)

7/09/2005 02:06:00 p.m.  
Blogger Mary P. said...

Animals being born! Great memory! I remember watching our dog having her puppies. I'd have been seven or so, and was fascinated by the way she tugged the membrane off them. At least one of them came in the sac - is this normal?

Oh! And make bows and arrows out of branches and string.

An obstacle course for water in the sand at the edge of the street, using rocks and twigs and whatever else came to hand (I was a country kid).

Isn't this fun??

7/10/2005 08:23:00 p.m.  

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