Friday, February 10, 2006

Here Be Dragons

We've been reading "The Egg", by M.P. Robertson, a nice little story, beautifully illustrated, about a small boy who finds an egg in his mother's chicken coop (shades of "The Enormous Egg"), and does his little-boy best to raise

the dragon that hatches from it.
It's a favourite, needing to be read at least daily, very often more. We've had dragon chases inspired by this book, and done lots of hatching, flying, and roaring, too. So when I discovered a pile of green foam sheets left over from Christmas crafts, I had the perfect use for them. Add some glitter, some star-shaped confetti, some fingerpaints and pipe cleaners... And voila! Five ferocious, fire-breathing (see the red pipe cleaners at the mouths) dragons!



Blogger jw said...

Great, a picture of almost all of the Cast of Characters at once!

2/10/2006 10:54:00 a.m.  
Blogger Mary P. said...

From left to right:
The inimitable Arthur (green overalls);
George (BLUE shirt);
Darcy (rear, right);
Zach (red/blue particoloured jacket);
Mia (with the pink only as an accent!!)

2/10/2006 11:04:00 a.m.  
Blogger Andie D. said...

I love these maskes! My son is very into "projects", and would be thrilled with this. I think it's time to head to the craft store!

2/10/2006 01:30:00 p.m.  
Blogger LoryKC said...

What fun! My son enjoys being a "knight" but creating a dragon might be just as fun as pretending to slay one!

2/10/2006 01:59:00 p.m.  
Anonymous M&Co. said...

After trying to take a picture of my kids for Valentine's gifts last night, I'm impressed that you could get 5 of them to put their mask on and stand still long enough for you to get a picture.

2/10/2006 02:12:00 p.m.  
Blogger Homestead said...

Oh dragons! We don't blow noses at our house... we pretend we are dragons & blow fire out our noses. (A testament to the fact that my son watches Shrek too much but it does work.) He also points to the W-agon in his picture book and says, "Rroawrrr." Call Mensa.

2/10/2006 04:42:00 p.m.  
Blogger Angela said...

Cool a book recommendation and craft project all in one. B would really enjoy this, and I too am impressed that they are all standing still long enough for you to get a picture!

2/10/2006 05:00:00 p.m.  
Blogger Mary P. said...

Andie: I was going to direct you to some pictures of a project Emma did with them a couple of weeks ago, and then realized I never did post them here! Do your clementine oranges come in small wooden crates? You can make one into a garage for small trucks!!

Lory: We've been knights, and we've been dragons, and...well, I don't know which is better!

M&co: Do they look like they're sitting still? I'm a better photographer than I realized!

Homestead: "Call Mensa." You always make me laugh. Blowing fire out your nose! That's BRILLIANT! Maybe that's the way to get George to produce a solid, nose-clearing honk, rather than the sissy little puffs he does now that just kinda rearrange the snot without actually ejecting any.

Angela: Books are such a great source of craft and play activities. We do this sort of thing a lot.

As for the sitting still? They weren't! How I love the digital camera for its ability to preview a gazillion shots to get the one semi-decent one!

2/10/2006 06:24:00 p.m.  
Blogger kimmyk said...

Great photo!

So wonderful to finally see them all...well sorta see them! How very crafty of you Miss Mary P!

2/10/2006 07:26:00 p.m.  
Blogger Queen Bee said...

Hi Children!!! Good to see you!!!

2/11/2006 12:32:00 a.m.  
Blogger Mary P. said...

Kimmyk: Crafty to make the masks, or crafty to take a picture that disguises them so well? I am indeed, crafty. Thank you, Miss Kimmy K. :-)

QBee: They all say hello, too!

2/11/2006 07:26:00 p.m.  
Blogger chosha said...

That's a mighty ferocious weyr of dragons you have there. Shaking in my shoes as we speak. Please ask them nicely not to breathe fire in our direction - we're a bit prone to bushfires at the moment. O_O!

2/13/2006 09:10:00 a.m.  

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